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  • sbcjr is: status
  • ------------------------------------
  • I Am: Male
  • Born In: 1984
  • Home Town: Indianapolis, IN
  • Now In: Clinton, MD
  • ------------------------------------
  • My Bio:
  • Interests and Hobbies: Biblical Christianity, web design, music composition, losing money in work-related ways, spending time with my family.
  • Favorite Movie: Pendragon, Little Jake and Harry, EE-Taow.
  • Favorite Music: Classical/Film Music, Some Hymns
  • ------------------------------------
  • High School: Corbett Christian Academy
  • College: Corbett Christian Academy
  • Work: sbcjr.com
  • Site/Blog: http://sbcjr.com
sbcjr's Channel - Woman Driver Makes Grand Entrance

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