Woman Driver Park Job
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For Judy...enjoy....

Judy Judy on 09-11-11 (Report) You just wait, Steven! :P
sbcjr sbcjr on 09-08-11 (Report) :P right back....
Judy Judy on 08-07-11 (Report) Steven... :P
sbcjr sbcjr on 05-21-11 (Report) I bet it was "proven" by a woman. :P
Judy Judy on 04-30-11 (Report) Um... how did I miss this? This is SO mean. Poor lady... must've been a bad day for her. And you're not making it any better my teasing her and uploading this here to humiliate her more. What if that were you? ;) Besides, it has been proven that MEN are the WORSE drivers than WOMEN! :P :P :P
djc djc on 01-05-11 (Report) This is one of the best i ever seen! never a dull moment in the entire vid. I love how she gets out, checks her car and could care less about the car she just hit. LOL!