Mr. Muscle!
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Whatever you do, don't make him mad!

delilah delilah on 01-29-10 (Report) That was soooo funny!!!!!
sbcjr sbcjr on 08-01-09 (Report) Awesome!
sbcjr sbcjr on 08-01-09 (Report) Awesome!
sbcjr sbcjr on 06-05-09 (Report) I love it! His expression is so funny when it crashes!!
sbcjr sbcjr on 04-14-09 (Report) Re: Reliant Robin Yes, and this one has a ton of comments!
Judy Judy on 02-28-09 (Report) Timothy you say woman drivers are dumb? Just Kidding
sbcjr sbcjr on 02-18-09 (Report) For anyone not getting this conversation...' ' . '' . ''
sbcjr sbcjr on 02-16-09 (Report) This one has quite a few views, too!
sbcjr sbcjr on 02-13-09 (Report) Quit posting on that one!
sbcjr sbcjr on 02-11-09 (Report) Oh, did I? Oops!
sbcjr sbcjr on 01-14-09 (Report) Ha- I just noticed- this is also "Top Rated" and "Most Discussed"!! Woohoo, Timothy!
sbcjr sbcjr on 01-14-09 (Report) You just hit the 500 view mark! Congrats!
Timothy Timothy on 01-13-09 (Report) Poor me!
Judy Judy on 12-29-08 (Report) o wow?
sbcjr sbcjr on 12-03-08 (Report) Listen closely- a wise older man told me that at 0:32, they sing, "Throw your cell phone in the river!" Check for yourself!
Timothy Timothy on 07-09-08 (Report) poor me! just for a little fun, I have to suffer so!
sbcjr sbcjr on 05-13-08 (Report) I can't stop watching this one. I keep coming back- over and over- to see it again!
mom mom on 05-13-08 (Report) This is definitely one of my very favorite videos! I'm glad he's on my team! I'm his very proud mom.
sbcjr sbcjr on 04-27-08 (Report) This is great. Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to submit this to' ' . '' . ''!
Wes Guynn Wes Guynn on 04-26-08 (Report) This was actually from several years ago. Timothy is 13 now and can bench press over 120 lbs! .....seriously, don't make him mad!