Woman Driver
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Here's another woman driver for you!

Judy Judy on 09-11-11 (Report) Now who would've done something like that? Ugh...the nerve.
sbcjr sbcjr on 05-21-11 (Report) Ha! Who rated this video down?
Judy Judy on 05-11-11 (Report) Ya know, you're a D___. :P
Timothy Timothy on 07-18-10 (Report) Yep. Most of 'em!
Judy Judy on 02-26-09 (Report) So basically you're calling them bad drivers
Timothy Timothy on 02-03-09 (Report) well, normally women... kind of... well... some of them are just a little uncoordinated
sbcjr sbcjr on 02-02-09 (Report) Uh-oh, Timothy- you're in trouble!
Judy Judy on 01-31-09 (Report) Is that supposed to be like calling them bad drivers?
Timothy Timothy on 07-17-08 (Report) I love watching women drive!