2010 Dodge Challenger "Freedom" 60-Second Commercial
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  • Wes Guynn

The Dodge Brand debuts its latest commercial featuring the 2010 Dodge Challenger. The new commercial, titled "Freedom," was created in honor of the match between USA and England at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The 60-second spot airs Friday, June 11.

Wes Guynn Wes Guynn on 07-09-10 (Report) @knight35966: Not sure. Can't find anything on it. Doubt it, but definitely similar. @Judy: Yep! Dead on! @DJC: Anything for you, pal! @SBCJR: Controversy loves.......views?
knight35966 knight35966 on 07-04-10 (Report) Is that Robin Williams driving the car? Looks like him to me, but may just be someone who looks a lot like him.
Judy Judy on 06-21-10 (Report) You got it right on here Wes! 60 sec.!
djc djc on 06-12-10 (Report) Thats tight bro. thanks for the upload!
sbcjr sbcjr on 06-12-10 (Report) Whoooaaa!! Hadn't seen that! Looks a bit controversial! :D Thanks, Wes!