Dear Mr. Obama
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A powerful message from a young man who has earned the right to be heard.

Timothy Timothy on 04-13-09 (Report) Me either!
Kent Kent on 01-18-09 (Report) I nevr get tired of this video=)
Timothy Timothy on 01-17-09 (Report) When I said "voted", I meant voted for President, not voted on TrashCars
Timothy Timothy on 01-17-09 (Report) I wish more people would have seen this before they voted!
Kent Kent on 01-14-09 (Report) This is a really great video=)
Judy Judy on 01-10-09 (Report) I put that comment that 'kent' put under this comment. (i was on his account when I put that comment.)
Kent Kent on 01-10-09 (Report) I like this video sadly, Obama is president:(
JDS JDS on 09-03-08 (Report) What a great video! God Bless the USA